Control and protection systems

  The growing complexity of modern plant due to environmental standards, statutory regulations and quality assurance makes it increasingly important to simplify plant operation and visualization and to make it manageable.
Process visualization can comprise a single system or it may be made up of a complete system with redundant server-client solution and connection to the Internet or to the company's own Intranet. It must also be possible to extend and enlarge systems without losing important process data at the same time.
Our aim is to advise you on a technology that is new to many companies, and to supply a solution that is optimized for your application and capable of meeting future requirements, too. As a result of our many years of experience in process visualization, the process displays are designed with a clarity and operating philosophy ensuring that the plant can be operated and taken over by your personnel after no more than a brief introduction.

  • Delivery/interconnection of the complete hardware required
  • Connection to the subordinated control systems
  • Data exchange and provision of production data for other applications
  • Data analysis and documentation in accordance with ATV H260
  • Batch-oriented achrive storage of the data
  • Analysis of messages and process data
  • Visualization of data received from model computers
  • Web-based solutions



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